About Us



Diaspora Seeds is a small family-run seed business in rural Anderson Valley, Northern California. We began seeking out, collecting and growing these biological jewels twenty years ago. Many of the seeds we offer are heirloom seeds; resilient, productive and delicious offerings from many different cultures; geographies and time.  They represent countless growing seasons of selection, nurturing and stories that, in part, represent the story of all of us. Seeds are at the heart of that abundance. The generous stewards of those encapsulated books of cultural strength show us what we have sought to emulate. Abundance follows generosity. Plant one seed and it gives back 100, plant 100 and produce 1000. There's no need for a community to lack sustenance; just follow billions of years of fertile generation.

This modest but growing offering represents the efforts of us at Diaspora Seeds to continue forward the sowing of abundance and health to share with your families and communities.

May your gardens thrive,

Andy Balestracci

Founder, Diaspora Seeds